I Wanna Be A Logic Master
Enter the world of Pokemon! A place with cool creatures and a life full of adventure! Yet, there has always been those moments when you realize... that doesn't make sense at all.


1. Please use Meme Generator to create your submission and submit the image as a PHOTO.
2. You may explain your submissions in the caption if required.
3. In the event that you cannot get Meme Generator to work, you may type as an ask.
4. If you want credit for your submission, please write your URL that you wish to be credited with in the caption for your photo submission.
5. Feel free to post stories of your discoveries of logical fallacies in the world of Pokemon! (This also works if the situation is too complex for a photo post or is funnier in context.)
6. Nothing too vulgar, please! It would be better to keep this PG-13. Try to keep spelling and grammar errors at a minimum, too, please!

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